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Think of using SkyLife when time is of the essence and/or the level of care required exceeds that of ground personnel. Some of the patients that may benefit from air transport are: significant trauma/surgical emergencies, head injured patients, medical patients that require immediate intervention, and cardiac and stroke patients for time dependent therapy.

Generally, helicopter travel time in the valley is on a 2:1 ratio (40 minutes by ground = 20 minutes by air).

In mountainous terrain the ratio is approximately 4:1 ratio (40 minutes by ground = 10 minutes by air) due to the aircraft's speed and direct path. Rendezvous points can be used to limit on scene times with critical patients.

Helicopters can be limited by weather conditions, particularly in the foggy winter months. The visibility is the determining factor for our helicopter's response.

Considerations for Air Medical Transport of Trauma Patients (As Outlined by AAMS)

Considerations for Air Transport of Medical/Surgical Patients (As Outlined by AAMS)

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