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Landing Zones: Day

Landing Zones: Day

1. LZ size ideally is 100' x 100'. Smaller LZ's may be feasible, dependent upon other conditions at the LZ and at the pilot's discretion. Particular attention must be paid to telephone and electrical wires. Please notify us of any lines in the area of the LZ or other ground hazards (ie, fence post in the LZ).

2. If the LZ is a dirt lot, wetting it down prior to landing will help protect ground personnel and the patient from flying dirt and debris (see top picture). A patch of weeds or lawn can help with dust control. During the summer months in our hot valley, many dirt LZ's will not be acceptable for landing. We will attempt to find a nearby alternative LZ.

3. Overhead reds assist in our location of the scene.

4. Crowd control is of the utmost importance. Ground personnel should stay at least 100 feet from the helicopter on take off and landing. A guard may need to be posted near the tail rotor to prevent bystanders and vehicles from nearing.

5. At night in the mountains, SkyLife responds only to pre-designated landing zones.

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